Imagine a school...

Imagine a school ... where “intellectually excited” youngsters study on a mountaintop, drawing inspiration from a panoramic view of more than five thousand square miles. Where students compose poetry, program computers, and learn how to create computer-assisted music while reaching for the stars.

Imagine an environment ... where the air is crisp and clear and the challenge to explore, discover, and invent is the norm. Where language arts is integrated and balanced with science, mathematics is related to art, and music combines with technology to synthesize new sounds for young ears. Where all students learn a foreign language and enjoy special weekly enrichment sessions in an already enriched program. Where teachers, students, and parents are all active partners in the learning process...

Imagine a classroom ... where young girls and boys plot sunspots using telescopes, measure raindrops, create snowflakes in June, track hurricanes and tornadoes, and explore the heavens with a wide array of photographic and telescopic devices.

Imagine a very special learning place ... where students gather information and produce their work in a variety of formats, daily weather forecasts, video documentaries, reenactments, music videos, web pages, power points and papers.

Imagine a forum ... where young people have an opportunity to dialogue one-on-one with master teachers, astronauts, explorers, mountain climbers, renowned scientists and science fiction writers as well as poets, artists, musicians, authors and great thinkers.

Well, you need imagine no further. The Talcott Mountain Academy is the first elementary / middle school in Connecticut which offers an entire program exclusively for academically talented youngsters all day, every school day.