Support Talcott; Support the Leaders of Tomorrow

“H.G. Wells, once said that ‘history is a race between education and catastrophe.’ We are betting on education and with your help, we intend to succeed.”

--Don La Salle, Founder, Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy


Would you like to help a child discover wonder in the world they live in, give rise to the next generation of leaders and changemakers, or inspire students with a love of learning that will last a lifetime? Then support Talcott today.


Talcott Mountain Academy—as a division of the Talcott Mountain Science Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization—the relies on people like you to bring learning to life for students.

There are many ways that you can get involved with Talcott and your investment of time, knowledge or resources will inspire the students of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

The action that you take today that will have an immediate and long-lasting impact on future generations. 

Consider MAKING A DONATION, or talk to us about other ways you can give like VOLUNTEERING or making a gift through our PLANNED GIVING program. For more information, please contact Christine at or call 860.677.8571.