Talcott Mountain Academy was designed as a full-time school inside the campus of a full-time science facility, with the availability of professional scientists as their guides. When staffing the entire complement of subjects, we look for the same professional standing for all of them. In that spirit, our art teacher is an artist, our music teacher is a musician, our language arts teachers are writers, and we have a healthy dose of living history in our social studies curriculum.

It's no wonder then, more than 30 years after inception, that our graduates report being well-prepared for their secondary and college careers. This is clearly evident in the distinctive paths they have chosen, the roles in which they distinguish themselves, and the projects they've developed with these talents. 

Talcott Mountain Academy alumni are accepted at outstanding colleges and universities. They include:

Yale Harvard Brown
Penn State MIT Rensselaer
Alfred University Cal Tech UC Berkeley
UCONN U Rochester Trinity
Hampshire College Rhode Island U New Hampshire
Columbia George Washington Stanford
Cornell Georgetown Carnegie Mellon
Virginia Tufts BC
BU Berklee Georgia Tech
U Florida Syracuse Marist
Middlebury CUA Howard
Oberlin College