Welcome to Talcott Mountain Academy

Message from the Science Center Director, Jonathan R. Craig

Every year we see new groups of capable students and caring parents that go off into the world and represent and carry with them the TMA experience. I have students that I have taught in Primetime come back for a job and I have former academy students now members of our faculty. They come back to present on the latest findings in their field or just visit but they always come back with fond memories. They are a part of the TMA family.

As teachers and as parents we endeavor to find out what makes our students tick. How can we connect? What is it that motivates them? We draw upon our life-long experiences and interactions and try and find a fit, sometimes to an out-of-context world. We teach students more than just facts. When they graduate our students take with them a love of learning, the tools needed to solve problems, and a better understanding of their world.

What will it be that the next generation faces? We can only guess. But knowing we have great minds working on the problems we will face assures me the future will be in good hands. Flying cars that run on water? Antigravity? Vacations on another planet? A journey awaits. Don't just go along for the ride. Participate, question, and react; experiences at TMA prepare you for a road to success.

Message from the Academy Dean, Lydia H. Gibb

Talcott Mountain Academy is a community of learners. All members, students, teachers and parents have a love of learning. It is not uncommon for questions to be answered with more questions. We hold intellectual curiosity in high esteem and value the intellectual freedom to inquire. Not just in the sciences, but in all academic subjects and the arts.

A Science Center Alumnus asked us to find out what the formula is. Why have Science Center and Academy students been so successful? Why are our Academy students winning top awards at the Connecticut Science Fair, Connecticut Invention Convention and Connecticut History Day, to name a few? The top answer of course is their innate ability, and there are two additional reasons. One is the intellectually excited trait we look for in our students, the other is the opportunity to share this excitement with others, to learn from other students, teachers and parents. We take pride in our students’ accomplishments and our students take pride in their own work and accomplishments. Each student has special talents and combinations of abilities that will allow them to succeed in whatever they choose to do in life. Talcott Mountain Academy offers students a place to investigate, nurture and grow their gifts.