Mission & History

Our Vision

A world where innovation in education cultivates a society of scientifically and technologically empowered global citizens.  

Our Mission

To be a unique learning community with a robust, integrated curriculum that fosters the intellectual and creative talents of gifted students at a most critical age: a school that ignites a passion for learning and empowers children to invent their future.

Talcott Mountain Academy fosters higher order learning and thinking by utilizing latest technologies, relevant curricula and advanced teaching practices that will best equip students for our rapidly changing world while cultivating responsible global citizens.

Talcott Mountain Academy is a unique on-site learning laboratory for intellectually excited students in which children’s innate abilities are nurtured from an early age.  A fully integrated curriculum provides a robust and meaningful education that fosters both the intellectual and creative abilities of gifted and talented children.  Staff and students engage in scientific and educational research to find solutions to problems in an increasingly complex and technological world.

We seek to develop a well-rounded, passionate student who is committed to the betterment of society.

School History

The Talcott Mountain Science Center was established in 1967 to further the understanding of science in the lives of students, teachers, and adults. It functions as a learning laboratory facilitating the use of sciences. As an outgrowth of the successful Saturday program, the decision was made to found a school on these objectives.

In 1983, the Talcott Mountain Academy was founded as a model school for intellectually excited students as a division of the Talcott Mountain Science Center. The concept for the Academy evolved from a recognition that gifted and talented students from the Science Center programs would benefit from a wide range of academic offerings on a full-time basis which would address their special needs. In the beginning the Academy was a middle school serving grades 5-8. Over the years, elementary and primary levels have been added so that the Academy now incorporates students in grades K-8. The Academy shares the same Board of Directors and excellent Science Center resources such as teaching staff, equipment, and facilities.