Talcott Mountain Science Center was started by a team of visionary educators and community members - leaders who saw an opportunity in the post-Sputnik era to improve science teaching and learning by working directly with students and teachers.  

Founders included science teachers Don La Salle and George Atamian, guided by Superintendent Frank Driscoll and Board of Education chair Alvin Liftig. From the beginning, they looked to creative and productive scientists and educators for the scope and direction of the Science Center.  

In creating the Talcott Mountain Academy, Don La Salle consulted with teachers and leaders who knew the best practices that could guide and mentor students in science, math and technology. The result was a unique school that could build on the expertise and wisdom of generations.

The Center and Academy have a long and proud history of making the most of talented people - knowledgeable staff who can teach creatively, effective people who can bring together diverse talents, and a Board of Trustees that can guide with their considerable experience and vision in business, technology and education.