About Our Students

Talcott Mountain Academy students have above average ability, task commitment, and creativity. They frequently have been identified as gifted and talented by their previous school or through private testing. Whether they have been formally identified as gifted or not, they possess certain common characteristics of gifted students. Not every child exhibits all of these traits.

  • Displays a great deal of curiosity about many things
  • Is constantly asking questions about anything and everything
  • Has unusually advanced vocabulary for age
  • Possesses a large storehouse of information about several topics
  • Generates a large number of ideas or solutions to problems and questions
  • Has keen observational skills and retains information easily
  • Carries on intelligent conversations with older children and adults
  • Displays a keen, and sometimes unusual, sense of humor
  • Thinks outside the box!

Talcott students come from a group of roughly 15 different towns in Connecticut in a radius of up to 30 miles. There is a wide socioeconomic mix supported by significant financial aid. The percentage of minority students averages between 15 and 20 percent. The percentage of girls is approximately 30 percent and growing.